Parents and Child Reading List

Parents and Child
Reading List

This is our reading list for parents facing a separation or divorce.

Whether you are the parent wanting the separation or the parent feeling devastated that your relationship is at an end, you will both share a common goal, namely wanting to minimize the effect your split will have on your children.

The McAlister Family Law team have vast amounts of experience in assisting our clients with this very difficult time in their lives and as such,

we have put together a list of books and handy websites to help you with what we recognize is an emotional and difficult journey.

In relation to the books listed, these are available to purchase in hardcopy and kinder format and can be purchased on Amazon or second hand at Amazon Market Place. We have separate book list to help adults facing divorce or separation and for children whose family is facing a divorce or separation.

How to Help Your Children Survive the Divorce

Dr. Alan Bradley and Jodie Beveridge

This is a hands-on guide which combines personal and professional experience of divorce. Their aim is to minimise the distress/damage in children’s lives during the divorce process and to help you through the aftermath when their lives will be dramatically different.

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way

M. Gary Neuma

Based on Gary Neuman’s phenomenally successful Sandcastles program, which has helped more than fifty thousand children cope with divorce, this warm, empathetic guide shows you: How to build a co-parenting relationship even when you think you can’t.

Caught in the Middle: Helping Children to Cope with Separation and Divorce

Anne Charlish

One in four children will experience divorce before the age of 16. How much this disruption affects children is governed largely by the behaviors of the adults involved. In this accessible book Anne Charlish encourages adults to become more attuned to the needs of their children and make them a priority during this painful time.

The Divorce Talk: How to Tell the Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Breaking the News without Breaking Their Hearts

Vikki Stark

The Divorce Talk: How to Tell the Kids is the definitive guide to help parents break the news of an upcoming separation to their kids with the least risk of damage. Written by an internationally known divorce recovery professional, the book is based on interviews with over one hundred children whose parents divorced. Readers will learn, step-by-step, how to manage their own emotions, to understand the meaning of divorce to children, what to say to the kids, and how to deal with the children’s reaction to the news. The book is practical and offers solutions that are designed to help parents limit the risk of trauma in the most important conversation of their children’s lives.


The Parent Connection

Help for parents who are either going through a separation or are struggling with issues associated with parenting after a separation or divorce.For further information visit

Only Mums

A national on line support service for mothers who are going through a separation or are already divorced.  For further information visit:

Only Dads

A national on-line support service for fathers who are going through a separation or are divorced. For further information visit


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