Is a divorce on the cards for Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner?

After an Instagram story posted by Annie Kilner, it seems that Manchester City star Kyle Walker’s marriage to his childhood sweetheart is at an end. Here, Heather Lucy looks at what will happen if the couple do divorce, how the assets may be divided and how their children’s welfare will be taken into consideration.

On an Instagram story, Annie Kilner has said she is ‘taking some time away’ from her marriage to the football star and online communities are convinced that this means a divorce is on the cards. This seems all the more likely given that Walker has left the family home. Online publications are now speculating whether Kilner is going to have the ‘final revenge’ by seeking a financial settlement on divorce. Whilst this framing is not helpful in trying to have an amicable divorce (which is sensible especially when there are children involved), it does throw up some questions about what will happen to the couple’s finances if a divorce really is on the cards.

Walker and Kilner were married in 2021. On the face of it, it therefore sounds like their marriage was short-lived. This is relevant because the courts take into account the length of a marriage when dividing up matrimonial assets on divorce. They do not, however, limit this to the time since ‘I do’. The relevant timeframe is the length of time since the couple began to live together (if they did so without a break) to when they separated. Walker and Kilner reportedly dated for 12-13 years before they married, though when they first moved in together is not public knowledge.  This could, therefore, be an important distinction for the couple as it seems likely to take them from a short marriage to a long one which means that the court would be more likely to use an equal division of the matrimonial assets as a starting point. One fly in the ointment, however, might be the couple’s earlier split in 2019. Kilner will need to take some careful legal advice about this.

During the 2019 split, Walker met Lauryn Goodman who is a model and influencer. Together, they had a child, Kairo, and there are speculations that Goodman’s daughter (born in 2023) was also fathered by Walker. Walker and Kilner share three children together. When looking at the division of finances on divorce, the welfare of children of the family will be the court’s priority. Whilst Goodman’s child(ren) may not be considered ‘children of the family’ (which depends on whether they have been treated as such), Walker’s obligations to them are likely to feature heavily in any negotiations that take place.

The length of the marriage and the existence of children are just two of the factors that the court takes into account when considering the financial division between parties on divorce. Please see Fiona Wood’s article on section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 to explore this in further detail.

Historically, Kilner would have been able to issue an application for divorce on the basis of Walker’s infidelity. This, however, changed in April 2022 when the no-fault divorce regime came into force. This means that the couple’s focus will remain on dividing their assets rather than trying to assign blame to each other for the breakdown of the marriage… in the courts at least. Hopefully, if the marriage has broken down irretrievably, both Walker and Kilner will take good legal advice and aim to reach a resolution in a way that will allow a positive co-parenting relationship for their children.


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