When we meet

Arranging a meeting with a lawyer of your choice

Face to face meetings can be organised at one of our nationwide offices.  Technology does allow us to act for clients who are unable to visit our offices through distance or disability.  We act for many clients who live in countries across the world and can organize meetings via Skype, video conferencing or face time.  Meeting can be arranged by:

  • Using our online booking system.  Simply select your choice of lawyer and click on an available date to book and fill in the required details
  • By calling our new client service team on +44 (0) 161 507 7145
  • By emailing an enquiry to hello@mcalisterfamiilylaw.co.uk
  • By contacting the family solicitor, you wish to instruct direct

What to expect

  • A detailed and comprehensive consultation which enables you to give a detailed overview of the background to the dispute in question.
  • Full and detailed advice on the issues involved and a summary of options which will enable you to make an informed choice a to how to proceed.  This advice will be confirmed in writing following the meeting.
  • Advice about any urgent or emergency steps that need to be taken either by you or us to protect you, your family or financial assets.
  • Discussions about timeframes and funding options.
  • A discussion as to whether you or members of your family would benefit from any of our family support services.

What should I bring?

  • Evidence of your identity including passport or driving license and a utility bill confirming your address.
  • Copy of any letters you have received from your partner, lawyers of other professionals involved.
  • Copies of any court papers that you have received
  • If your case involves a divorce, then you will need to bring your marriage certificate
  • If your case involves financial disputes, a summary of the assets/liabilities of the marriage.

What is the cost?

We offer a free 30-minute appointment across our offices where you will be able to obtain some general advice about your situation.  Alternatively, you may wish to have an extended meeting for which we will be able to agree a fixed fee.

Prior to any meeting taking place, it would be helpful to email us about your situation so that we can consider this before we meet

Your email should include the key dates of your relationship such as when you married or moved in together, as well as a broad overview of what assets you have and when and how they were acquired.  If your enquiry relates to a child dispute, then please confirm the name and age of the children involved together with a summary of the issues in dispute.

See the wide range of payment options here

Next steps following the meeting

After the first meeting you will be sent by email or post a McAlister Family Law welcome pack which will include:
Our firm’s retainer letter which will detail the work that you have instructed us to undertake together with important information in relation to costs and our procedures generally.

  • Details of our charges and funding options together with details of any monies that we require to be paid on account.
  • A full summary of the advice that we have provided together with a McAlister Family Law first steps to moving forward plan.

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