NCOA Divorce and Children Law

NCOA Divorce and Children Law

McAlister Family Law has unrivalled experience in representing members of the NCOA.  Managing partner, Amanda McAlister, first began working with the NCOA in 2013 and has since then gone on to be the lead expert in NCOA divorce and children law cases.  Amanda and her team represent officers not only in the UK but across the globe.

Divorce cases involving NCOA members can be relatively complex due to the nature of the pension scheme and the fact that many officers have transferred rights from other organisations.  Further, due to the nature of the work, many members do work abroad or away from home which often means that following a separation, agreeing contact with children can be difficult.  Whatever your concern, a member of our team will be on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Divorce and separation experts

It is paramount that following a separation, early advice is sought as obtaining the best result for you could be time critical.   In addition to our general services, the McAlister Family Law team have specific expertise in:

  • Advising as to the options in relation to pensions and divorce.

How your pension is to be treated following a separation or divorce will depend on the value of the other assets that you own and the length of the marriage.Whilst this can be a highly complicated area of the law

our team are the most experienced lawyers in the UK and will provide the best in class advice as to the right strategy required to deliver the result that you are seeking.

  • Advising as to how pre and post pension accrual will be considered following a divorce.

It you were paying into your pension before marriage or following separation then it may be possible for us to argue that this pension accrual should be kept out of the financial settlement.

Child Law experts

McAlister Family Law is home to one of the UK’s leading children law teams.  In addition to our children law services, we have specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Advising as to whether a child should be permitted to leave the jurisdiction if consent is being withheld by the other parent.
  • Negotiating the division of school holiday contact and special days such as Easter and Christmas

Our dedicated team offer NCOA members the following:

First free consultation

Appointments can take place face to face at one of our offices or alternatively by Skype, facetime OR video conference.  To arrange an appointment, contact our new client services team on  0161 507 7145 or

Fixed fees and discounted rates

We have put together several highly discounted police fixed fee packages which enable NCOA members to budget for their legal fees.  We offer a fixed fee divorce for £350 + VAT and court fees and 30% discount on all our hourly rates when a fixed fee is not being charged.

Access to our family assistance and moving forward services

As an organisation NCOA strives to support officers. Divorce and family law disputes can be extremely stressful and testing. At McAlister Family Law, we make it a priority to understand the emotional and physical impact that a divorce or family law dispute can have on you and your family unit. We offer a range of support services to guide you through the fog and lead you through to more positive times.


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