Planning for your future

Moving Forward Plan

Following on from our initial meeting, all clients will be provided with a McAlister Family Law “Moving Forward Plan”. This is a document that will set out in clear language what your objectives are and how together we will achieve them. The plan will include the following:

Who will be in your team?

At McAlister Family Law we identify from the outset the team of experts that will be required to deliver the best possible results for you. The top professionals are busy people and do get booked up in advance. As a firm we have very close and long-standing relationships with carefully selected professionals, in the UK and overseas whose expertise we are able to draw on often at short notice and at a cost effective price.  Whether it be a barrister, pension actuary, forensic accountant or child psychologist we will ensure that we appoint the right team for you.

Consideration of process options

As leading experts in Child and Family Law, the team at McAlister Family Law recognises that different circumstances require different approaches. No two cases are the same.  Our client focused approach means that we can tailor make the service that we provide. There will be situations where we take the view that the approach taken is not vigorous enough or not achieving the results that we mutually desire.  If this is the case, then we will reconsider our plan and make immediate changes.  Process options include:

  • Client led or “kitchen table” negotiation
  • Solicitor led negotiation and round table meetings
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Going to court
Divorce Procedure

Costs and time estimates

Following your initial meeting you will have made a choice as to the funding option that is right for your case.  Part of our moving forward plan is to keep a check on costs and ensure that we are all on the same page as to the costs incurred to date.  If you are on a full representation package, then we will keep a close eye on the estimate that we have provided.

View our wide range of payment options here.

Introduction to our family support service

At McAlister Family Law, we ensure that you are not only provided with the very best legal advice required to conclude your case but we also offer a range of practical and emotional support services to help your through this difficult and stressful time.  We will talk through with you our family support services and identify those that would be of particular benefit to you and your family.


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