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Step one : Implementing our agreed strategy

Once we have agreed on our moving forward plan, the team will very quickly put that plan into action.   Whether that plan involves preparing divorce papers,

making a referral to mediation or issuing court proceedings we will progress matters with vigor as each step that we take moving your case along, is a step closer to you achieving closure and being able to move on with our life.

Step two : Reviewing our agreed strategy

Throughout your case we will review our initial strategy and determine whether any changes are required.   For example, it may be that you initially were committed to resolving your dispute through mediation but that simply is not working and instead a more forceful, litigious approach is needed.  We also will regularly review whether you would, or any children of the family would benefit from any of our family and children support services.

Our mission is to ensure that we exceed client expectations and it is for this reason that we created a client service team whose role is to ensure that we are delivering what we promised and to ensure that you are happy with the progress that is being made.

The team will call you occasionally to ask how we are doing and whether any changes need to be made.

Our firm is one of the few legal practices that holds the Lexcel accreditation, which is a quality mark awarded by the Law Society.  To maintain our accreditation, we must ensure that all client matters are reviewed by a senior supervisor to ensure that the firms procedures on costs, file opening and progression of matters is followed.

Step three : Delivering a final agreement or order

Unmarried or separating couples

For couples that are not married or who are separating then such cases are concluded by the execution of either a co-habitation agreement if they are moving in together, or a separation agreement if they are going their separate ways.

Divorcing couples

For divorcing couples, their case is concluded by the pronouncement of a decree absolute which has the effect of bringing the marriage to an end. If there are marital assets that need to be divided then through whichever process you reached an agreement, a consent order will be prepared and approved by the court bringing financial claims to a conclusion.

Children disputes

Children disputes that are litigated through the courts are concluded by the granting of a final order. If an agreement has been reached through mediation, then this is recorded in a memorandum of understanding. Likewise, if discussions have been amicable and an agreement has been achieved direct, or through solicitor’s correspondence then this simply will be recorded by letter.


When we conclude your case, we will ask that you complete a client satisfaction survey providing feedback on our services.  We will also provide you with details of our moving forward services as you may want to benefit from the discounts that our partner organisations provide.

Our client services team will also personally contact you, to  ask whether you would prefer flowers, wine or a voucher to thank you for choosing McAlister Family Law to assist you with your case.


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