Young Child Reading List

Young Children Reading List

Young Child
Reading List

This is our reading list for parents facing a separation or divorce.

Whether you are the parent wanting the separation or the parent feeling devastated that your relationship is at an end, you will both share a common goal, namely wanting to minimize the effect your split will have on your children.

The McAlister Family Law team have vast amounts of experience in assisting our clients with this very difficult time in their lives and as such, we have put together a list of books and handy websites to help you with what we recognize is an emotional and difficult journey.

In relation to the books listed, these are available to purchase in hardcopy and kinder format and can be purchased on Amazon or second hand at Amazon Market Place. We have separate book list to help adults facing divorce or separation and for children whose family is facing a divorce or separation.

Two Homes - Claire Masurel

Two Homes

Claire Masurel

A lovely story about Alex who now has two homes: One at Mummy’s and one at Daddy’s. This is a favorite of the McAlister Family Law team and one that we receive very positive feedback especially from parents of very young children

Children Don’t Divorce

Rosemary Stones

This book looks at a divorce from a child’s angle and offers them an opportunity to explore and express their own feelings. The book has been described by our clients as heartwarming and interactive.

Children Don't Divorce - Rosemary Stones
Jack - Helen Victoria Bishop & Simon Murray


Helen Bishop

Described as a sensitive book to inspire, guide and support children through their parent’s separation and divorce.

Dinosaurs Divorce

L.K Brown and M. Brown

This book is one of our favourites. It is a wonderful picture book that explains the facts and feelings that are often experience when parents divorce.

Dinosaurs Divorce - A Guide For Changing Families
How Do I Feel About My Parent's Divorce - Julia Cole

How Do I Feel About My Parents’ Divorce

Julia Cole

With this book, children can join friends and talk about how they are feeling. There are photographs and cartoon strips and it is generally a very easy, pleasant read.

The Divorce Help Book for Kids

Cynthia MacGregor

This book discusses many of the topics that trouble children when their parents divorce. It is informative and child friendly.

The Divorce Helpbook For Kids - Cynthia MacGregor
Jacqueline Wilson - The Suitcase Kid

Suitcase Kid

Jacqueline Wilson

This novel tells the story of Andy, a girl who is upset about her parents’ divorce and does not know who she should live with, and travels between her mother’s and her father’s home. How will it end? A good book with some fun. Great for adults too.

The Divorce Help Book for Teens

Cynthia MacGregor

Another book in the series written by MacGregor. She knows her audience and focuses on the need to talk and open up to trusted individuals. One reader said:“This book is a great starting point for clearing hurdles and moving forward.”

The Divorce Helpbook For Teens - Cynthia MacGregor
Jacqueline Wilson - The Illustrated Mum

The Illustrated Mum

Jacqueline Wilson

Another gem from Wilson, this time narrated by Dolphin, who tells us about her mum Marigold, who struggles with depression and drinks a bit too much. This is written with warmth and humor – a good read.


Voices in the Middle

Works to support older children facing family breakdown


Childline offers a free confidential helpline and is open 24 hours 7 days a week.  Contact freephone:
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National Youth Advisory Service

NYAS provide support and advocacy services for children and young people up to the age of 25. They provide expert, confidential help in children’s rights, children in care, contact issues, education and youth justice. They have a network of advocates throughout the country and their own legal advice helpline. For more information contact Freephone: 0808 808 1001 or

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