Pay as you go

Pay as you go funding is suitable if you are confident about representing yourself but need help and assistance with the more complex aspects of your case.  Pay as you go funding enables you to keep costs to a minimum but allow you to progress your case with the assistance of one of our top Family Law experts.

With this option, you only instruct us to deal with parts of your case.  Examples of pay as you go include:

  • Checking divorce documentation on your behalf and completing the acknowledgment of service to enable a divorce to proceed
  • Assistance or help completing a Form E financial statement in financial remedy proceedings
  • Help preparing a statement for Children Act proceedings
  • Advising on a financial settlement or proposal for child contact
  • Drafting a consent order once a financial settlement has been negotiated.

Would this be suitable for my case?

How much will pay as you go funding cost?

Pay as you go is suitable if:

  • you are confident representing yourself and your case is relatively straightforward. Clients that are cost conscious tend to represent themselves at the very first court hearing. For financial cases, this is the first directions appointment. For children’s matters, the first direction resolution hearing. Obviously, if you require a pre-hearing consultation prior to any court appointments, then this can be arranged with one of our in-house experts.
  • You have a positive relationship with your ex- partner.  If relations are hostile then you may benefit from the full representation or fixed fee option, as you may prefer to keep contact to a minimum.
  • You are unlikely to require court representation, for example, if you have reached an agreement yourself directly with your spouse and you require advice in relation to the fairness of the agreement or its implementation into an order of the court.  With the pay as you go option, we do not go on the court record as acting for you.  If you do require representation, then you can transfer to the fixed fee or full representation options.
  • We will charge you for the time spent on you case in accordance with our charge out rates (see our price guide).  We offer a range of different rates depending on the seniority of the solicitor advising on your matter.
  • We may ask you to pay money on account or send to you an invoice after the work has been completed.
  • We will always provide you with a full cost estimate before we undertake work on your behalf.

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