Full representation

What is involved in full representation?

At our initial meeting we will discuss with you our charges and what the likely costs will be. If you wish to proceed and instruct McAlister Family Law, we will confirm the estimated fees and our solicitors charge out rates in a written retainer letter, which we will ask you to sign and return to us.

  • We may ask you to pay money on account to cover the work to be done and any disbursements that are likely to be incurred
  • We will send to you a bill each month which will include a full breakdown of the work that has been undertaken on your file
  • We reserve the right to cease to undertake further work if you fail to pay money on account when requested or to settle your bill promptly

Does my case require a full representation retainer option?

If your case is particularly complex or contentious, then our advice would be to retain one of our child or family law experts from the outset. This ensures consistency with your case and guarantees that the team representing you are fully au fait with all the facts of your case. In addition, it may be that we need to retain from the very beginning, specialist, experts or third parties to help advise in relation to certain aspects. For example, if there is a business involved we may need to instruct a forensic accountant to value this asset before a financial settlement can be reached.

How do I keep costs down to a minimum?

How will I be charged?

At McAlister, we work as a team and have the advantage of providing expert advice at all levels. If a partner is leading your case, they will have a junior solicitor or paralegal who will work on your file at key times with a view to reducing costs. In addition, they can deal with any urgent or pressing enquiries that you have, ensuring that answers are provided without incurring the costs of the lead partner.

From the start, your solicitor will provide you with an estimate as to how much your case is likely to cost. This enables you to budget for your fees. There may be instances where unforeseen events occur such as discovering hidden assets or interim applications being made. If we are likely to depart from our estimate, we will notify you in writing. Each month, you will receive an invoice from us attaching a statement of the work undertaken on your behalf. If you have any questions regarding our full representation service or wish to arrange a free, informal and no obligation consultation then McAlister Family Law on 0161 5077145 or by email hello@mcalisterfamilylaw.co.uk.


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