Free case assessment

How do I book my free case assessment?

Our initial case assessment is free. To book a meeting either call, apply online or call into one of our offices.

Do I need to prepare for my free case assessment?

What will the free case assessment involve?

  • You will need to have available for the meeting the full name of your spouse/partner so that we can check that we have not previously provided advice to them. If we have, then this would create a conflict and we could not act.
  • If you are seeking advice on a divorce, it will be useful if you could bring your marriage certificate to the meeting.
  • If you are seeking advice on financial matters, it will be helpful if you could bring a summary of the assets of the marriage if you are able. If they are not known to you then do not worry.

At the assessment we will:

  • Discuss the background to your case. We will listen to the circumstances that are causing you concern.
  • We will identify the main legal issues that are involved and will consider whether any emergency steps/ immediate action is required to protect you, your finances or any children of the family.
  • We will identify who from our specialist team would be most suited to work with you on your case.
  • We will provide a written strategic plan, which will confirm our advice and the next steps that need to be taken.

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If your enquiry is urgent please call

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